Pricing Scheme

Trading and settlement

Order commission
free of charge
Lump sum for third-party costs2

per trade (except savings plans).
In the case of partial executions, the third-party fee is charged only once per trading day.

1,00 €
Savings plan purchase ETF / stock

per execution
Investment volume per execution: € 10 to € 5,000.

free of charge
Placing orders by post

per execution
per order placement, modification, deletion

25,00 €

Deposit and clearing account

Custody account management
free of charge
Deposit transfer at the expense of the deposit2
free of charge
Management of the clearing account
free of charge
Transfer to reference account
free of charge
Transfer order by letter

per processing

25,00 €

Securities Account Service

Participation corporate action2

per corporate action

free of charge
Processing instruction2
per standard instruction4
1,00 €
per specific customer instructions by letter / email
5,00 €
per voluntary instruction for conversion/termination/exercise of warrants or certificates
10,00 €
Trading in subscription rights of all kinds2

per transaction (incl. partial rights and fractional sales)

1,00 €
Shares Dividend payment2

per event

free of charge
ETF Distribution/ Accumulation2

per event

free of charge
Registration Annual General Meeting1, 2

per event (only incl. bearer title)

25,00 €
Registration Registered shares - domestic1, 2, 3

per entry (only incl. name title)

2,00 €

Documents and Security

Custody and account statement


free of charge
Annual tax certificate

Legal reporting

free of charge
Voluntary deposit/balance confirmation1

per copy, accurate to the reporting date

25,00 €
Voluntary tax reporting1

per income statement, tax voucher, etc.

25,00 €
Address determination1

je Vorgang, wenn der Kunde seine Mitteilungspflicht nach Ziffer 6.1 des Rahmenvertrages für das Online Brokerage schuldhaft verletzt

According to effort
Reset with video identification1
5,00 €

(1) Including VAT.
(2) Possibly. plus external expenses. This applies in particular to corporate actions, securities transfers and trading / custody of ADRs or GDRs.
(3) Entry in the name register, only if option has been selected in the settings.
(4) In the case of voluntary corporate actions, the fee can be calculated if no specific customer instruction has been given.
Income in foreign currencies, e.g. foreign dividends, is converted into EUR. More information:
SolarisBank is affiliated with the compensation scheme of German banks (please refer to the information sheet for the depositor for more information). Trade Republic is affiliated with the compensation scheme of the securities trading company (please refer to the customer agreement for more information).

Status: 09/2020

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